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BLOKES - A Ball-tearer Australian Feature Film Comedy Movie

BLOKES - Every few years best mates Nudge, Magic and Two-Bags head into the tropics for a good dose of laughs, beer and fishing - but this year, things didn't quite go to plan ....

Filmed is stunning tropical locations in North Queensland, Australia, BLOKES comically road-trips simultaneously into Mother Nature's bush and the politically-incorrect psyches of Nudge, a blue-collar family-man, Magic, a perpetually horny bed-bouncing sex-bandit and Two-Bags, a romantically-rusty tragic who desperately longs to meet his soul-mate. These blokes are off-work, off-road and off-ensive! Rated MA15+ Contains a strong sex scene, female nudity, coarse language, crude humour and sexual references.

BLOKES was selected as the Headline Film for the Whitsunday Film Festival and went on to play in the city of Townsville for three weeks where it outsold Elysium, Jobs, Now You See Me, Mud, We're The Millers, Red 2 and Paranoia on its opening week. Stars Robert Zondonadi, Ron Odgers and Rick Romeo. A must watch for anyone who loves their fishing, camping, 4x4 and blue Aussie humour.

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BLOKES PAL DVD - Cheque, Money Order of EFT (Australian residents only)


BLOKES PAL DVD on sale at the Burdekin Delta Cinemas Box-Office in Ayr


BLOKES PAL DVD on sale at NQ Crash & 4WD Spares in Cairns


BLOKES World Premiere - Whitsunday Film Festival